The Kiddicare Inflatable Booster Cushion is a remarkably simple piece of kit. The seat is an inflatable booster to raise your child to the right height and is invaluable in a number of situations.

The Kiddicare Inflatable Booster Cushion is just what it says it is - a small square black blow-up cushion that folds away to almost nothing. The fabric of the booster is the slightly velvety kind that you get on many inflatable beds. In fact, in construction this is similar to an inflatable bed only much, much smaller.

What we love

In the interests of testing (nothing to do with hiding from the wet weather), my little tester and I went to the cinema where he normally ends up on my lap in order to see over the invariably large grown-up sat in front. With the Kiddicare Inflatable Booster Cushion though, Bertie (my small 6 year old) could sit on his own. This makes the cinema trip much easier as you can’t hold a child and a king-size box of popcorn on your knee at the same time.

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